Everything you need to know – Sewing Wedding Dress

You dreamed about it since you were a child. More than once you have imagined how a wedding with your love would look like , you want to show you are the most beautiful and special on this day. It is those dreams, which you spend many sleepless nights on, to find a perfect wedding dress a dream of every bride, as you imagined it, beautiful and comfortable .

Want to buy or sew wedding dresses?
There are a lot of questions on your head?
You wonder where to start, where to look, your relatives tell you what to do, and others how to do, where to look and you’re fed up, you spread your hands out of powerlessness, you are upset because it’s not as you imagined it, is not easy because you don’t know to much about it .That is right you can’t know eveything.
I invite you to my fairy tale, in which I will tell you every week:

– Buy or sew wedding dresses

– Where to start designing a wedding dress

– What materials are most often used for sewing wedding dresses

-How much is the wedding dress

-What to consider when choosing a plus size wedding dress

– What the first fitting of the dress looks like

And many other interesting and confusing questions which you may have.
You often ask me a question, is there really a perfect wedding dress? Of course!  If you are aware that every woman is different and like a diffrent style ,colour of it ,that is why it is so important to approach the search for a wedding dress not only emotionally, but also practically.

Part 1 – Sewing a Wedding Dress

I’m glad you are reading this, because that means that something connects us!

Maybe you have been engaged for a while and now you started planning and looking for your dream wedding dress. Maybe you prefer a small wedding and you are looking for an exceptional garment for this occasion and you do not know where to start!

Well, good you are here. I will tell you how to start planning to create your dream wedding dress.

Step 1

Create yourself a moodboard with garments taking into account your style, what you like to wear, for example, necklines ,sleeves, straps, skirts ,trousers ,their style and cuts, lots of inspiration you will find on Pintrest and many other sources.

Now that you collected a good quantity of pictures that you like, do you feel the dress’ won’t look good because of your particular body proportions? too skinny or you may be plus size , do you know what you need to do?

Focus and ask yourself:

-What would i like to wear ?

– Do I see myself in this garment?

– Is this style for me?

Remember that, leave only the ones you like most .Bring me your moodboard.

Together we will create your dream dress ,made only for you.

Alterations – What you need to know.

Sewing corrections are so natural to us that I forgett to mention them. They give you the opportunity to adjust a given garment to your figure.

In my workroom, you have the option of tailoring corrections, alterations to wedding dress ,bridesmaid dresses ,Mothers of the bride/groom ,flower girls ,as well as adding sleeves and straps, and extra belt or petticoats.

what can I alter? 

There is really a lot of different alteration possibilities Many of you are often afraid of what the wedding dress will look like after the modification, you have nothing to be afraid of, if you use my services you will see that the fit or delicate corrections emphasize your figure even more.

We can shorten the wedding dress’ –

* sleeves

* straps

* dress length

* body length

* train length, etc.

We can narrow the wedding dresses

* on the sides

* In the bust

* Under the bust

* In the back

* In hips.

I make dressmaking corrections in my studio, where I mark out and do everything. The waiting time for corrections is 2-6 weeks.

There are many options when it comes to narrowing down the possibilities. 

Can we expand?

Yes, we can expand wedding dresses, some companies leave large amounts of fabric on the seams so that you can expand the wedding dress up to 2 sizes, but if you can’t, you can make a back panel with a tie if you need to widen a lot of more.

Size adjustments

As you can see, wedding dresses offer the possibility of adjusting the size downwards or upwards. Therefore, do not be afraid that your silhouette has changed. Tailor corrections are a great way to match it appropriately for you. This way, you will feel comfortable no matter if this size has decreased or increased. 

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